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The Back Bar is an intimate area for drinking and catching up with friends.

To accompany the inside space we have a heated marquee outside

where you can also play pool. 

Please note the marquee is 50% open so we do allow smoking 

Hook Norton Ales 

Hooky 3.5%:  Poured straight from the barrel 

Old Hooky 4.6%: Hand pump 

Off the Hook 4.3%: Hand pump

Haymaker 3.8%: Hand pump. this months guest ale 

T- Bar 

Guinness 4.2%

Cotswold IPA 4.4%

Carlsberg 3.8%

San Miguel 5%

Henry Westons 5.2%

Rosie's Pig cloudy cider 4% - Hand pump 

0%/Lower Alcohol  

Gordons - Gin 0.0% 

 A Powerful juniper flavour.  Smooth, light, and flavourful. 

Dead mans finger - spiced rum 0.0% 

 The same award winning rum just without the alcohol  

Brew Dog Punk AF - IPA 0.5% 

  All the flavour, all the attitude, but no booze. Punk AF is one of those drinks that could make you believe you are drinking the "real thing".

Heineken Zero 0.0% - Larger 

Experience how nearly identical its flavour is to the original. 


Old Mout Berries and Cherries 0.05% 

 This flavour is unmistakably similar to that of a sparkling fruit beverage, but a somewhat bitter aftertaste serves as a reminder that this is still cider,

although one without the customary amounts of alcohol. 

Doom Bar Zero 0.0% 

Just like full-strength Doom Bar, it’s perfectly balanced, with subtle yet complex flavours. It is a little bit sweeter than its alcoholic counterpart,

like many alcohol-free beers. But bitter hops counteract that sweetness. 

Guinness 0.0% - Stout 

Unmistakably Guinness, just without the alcohol. You can enjoy the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and u

nique dark colour of Guinness Draught. 

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